School children yawning for educational infrastructure in rural area


To promote sustainable rural and urban development through:

  • Sustained agriculture and economic growth
  • Social justice especially for underprivileged and gender-discriminated groups
  • Enhances ecological development (Sustainable Natural Resource Management, and promoting carbon footprint – reducing technologies)
  • Sustainable livelihoods improvement through demand-driven capacity building, outreach, and development – oriented research


Enhance sustainable development in poor rural and urban communities.

Especially for the most under privileged groups by participating in promoting and encouraging a just, holistic, inter-disciplinary, integrated, multi-dimensional approach to sustainable development: development for Humanity.


DEH focuses on priority dimensions of development for different actors as identified through participatory and state of the art research processes while integrating other dimensions as much as possible in the implementation of projects, programs and policies.

This approach promotes an active participation of target groups and a comprehensive attainment of development for individuals, groups and whole populations.

However, her activities are guided by the three dimensions of Sustainability: Economic viability, Environmental friendliness, and social acceptability.


While engaging highly skilled, experienced and motivated staff, we consider the indigenous knowledge and local participation as key ingredients for sustainable development.

children in need of classroom

Gendered and active stakeholder participation is central to DEH's approach


Our target groups include whole communities, interest groups, governments, non-governmental and international organizations working to achieve the sustainable development goals, or who simply want a better life for humanity.

A special interest of DEH is to collaborate with organizations focusing on research and development, and developing and sustaining technologies with stakeholders. Of particular interest is the sustainability of socio-ecological systems in rapid climate change contexts.


Taking a new approach towards sustainable development for a just and holistic advancement of humanity.

Putting people and the environment first.

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Our Team

DEH is proud of a stream of experts all over the world who work as consultants, volunteers and fund raisers
in its diverse areas of sustainable development.

Mrs Peng Ernestine

Gender and Democracy Progam Lead

Mrs Ngepopi Kelly Neh

Sustainable Agriculture Program Lead

Dr. Balgah Roland Azibo

Deputy Director, Research/Projects coordinator

Mr. Ngwa Kester Azibo

Researcher/Data analyst