The delicate nature of DEH's mission warrants it to network and collaborate with other organizations involved in sustainable development.

  • National and international research institutions
  • Universities and institutions of higher learning, such as the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (, Laurate Higher Institute of Business Administration (
  • National and international development organizations
  • Independent researchers and research foundations
  • Funding agencies
  • Local and international experts
  • Beneficiaries (whole communities, civil society organizations, common initiative groups, households and individuals, etc)

  • The Action Center for Sustainable Self Help Initiatives - ACSSI - Common Initiative Group, a service provider in the rural development sector in Cameroon
  • The Mixed Farming Common Initiative Group (MIFACIG) an environmental CIG in Cameroon
  • Research partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation
  • The Babungo Integrated Health Care, a CIG promoting rural primary health care and treatment/support to psychiatric patients and people living with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon
  • Research partnership with the Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) of the University of Halle - Wittenberg
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Taking a new approach towards sustainable development for a just and holistic advancement of humanity.

Putting people and the environment first.

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With cultural diversity and heterogeneous linguistic differences, I was able to feel the impact of the works of Development for humanity. I am so greatful for all the support I have been receiving and still receiving. I want to say thank you.



Receiiving such great support from you people in training and fiancial assistance is something i never thought was possiblie in this difficult times in our region. But you showed me that there is still good in people.


A local farmer

After I was displaced and my small shop distroyed, I have been very disturbed but with your assistance I started from a small business and now I have this small shop that I am managing with my family. This has been a great suppor to us.


Store Owner

After the series of training I attended and seminars that you people organised, I decided to learn something that will help me. Today I am a graphics designer and it is helping me alot. I want to also thank you people for the financial assiatnce.



To solve a problem one has to see and acknowledge it first. We are Dev for humanity have been working endlessly and tiredlessly to server humanity in all the different areas we can reach them. If you want to help them, develope their minds.


Field Facilitator