Our Team

To reduce its fixed costs, DEH maintains a small interdisciplinary team of 6 permanent staff, and two relevant experts with many years of experience in rural and urban research and development at its head office in Bamenda - Cameroon.

It also has country representatives in;


Prof. Kimengsi Jude:
Email: jude_ndzifon.kimengsi@tu-dresden.de


Mr. Fonjia Ernest Aroke:
Email: fonjiaaroke@yahoo.com

Mrs Peng Ernestine

Gender and Democracy Progam Lead

Mrs Ngepopi Kelly Neh

Sustainable Agriculture Program Lead

Dr. Balgah Roland Azibo

Deputy Director, Research/Projects coordinator

Mr. Ngwa Kester Azibo

Researcher/Data analyst

Dr. Nkwatoh Therese Ncheuveu

Environment and Natural Resource Lead

Mrs. Nthaka Lucy Thrimemu

Administrative Secretary

Mr. Nchotie Evaristus

Sustainable Food Systems Expert

Mr. Fube Harrison

Environment/Climate Change Expert